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about cailíní

Meet the Cailíní team! We have a core group of four dancers: Marlon, Desiree, Rinske and Siobian, who have been performing together for over ten years. In case you’re wondering, we’re not actually that old (yet), we just started dancing at a young age! ;)


Throughout the years we’ve become close friends offside the stage too. In 2022, we decided to start our own business together as an independent performance group. The name of our group comes from the Gaelic (Irish) language, and literally translated means “girls”. 

Cailíní & Friends

Flexible is our middle name, and by that we don’t only mean that we can do high kicks! Our standard set-up is three dancers, but our group composition can vary depending on the type of performance, venue, and wishes. Therefore, we work closely together with a select group of talented dancers, who join us on stage during busy times, or when a larger group of dancers is requested.

Cailíní also works closely together with singer Eline, who you can read more about below, and collaborates with talented musicians to cater to all your wishes!


To read more about the options, please check out our shows page.

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Meet the team

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